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Welcome to my website! This is my 15th year at GC and I’ve taught a number of courses here including: Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research, Social Media Marketing, Principles of Marketing, LGBTQ+ Marketing, and Sports Marketing (all VERY cool classes, except Marketing Research of course, which while being exceptionally beneficial, doesn’t generally come to mind for most of my students as being cool at all). My research is extremely varied and includes such diverse topics as issues related to engagement in teaching and learning, Sustainability, Sports Marketing analysis of Title IX, an examination of market volatility and its relationship to the political environment, and LGBT marketing.

I have a remarkable (and beautiful) partner who is much more well read than I am, she also has strong opinions about the benefits of vitamins and organic foods, and in her spare time enjoys making fun of professional sports. My daughter is a scientist who received her doctorate in Chemistry (she’s married to another chemistry doctorate, among other things they have chemistry) and my son is what a tornado would be like if it was sixteen.  He’s cool though, provided you don’t mess with his PS4. He’s probably beaten you on FIFA2020, probably after midnight, and if you won then he was probably vocal about the loss.

I actually commute in to campus from north of Atlanta, but fortunately I get good mileage. It’s quite a long and not an exciting drive, but I’m reasonably good at it and use it as a serene attempt to avoid deer.  And every now and then I’ll see an interesting animal (deer don’t qualify as interesting, nor do dead animals).  In the last year or two I saw some wild turkeys, a big turtle, some peacocks (I think they’d escaped from a nearby petting zoo), quite a large snake, a beaver, and I’m absolutely convinced that I saw a puma.  The strangest encounter may be about 30 large live fish flopping on the road (but it’s a long story that lends itself better to a personal telling).  I still haven’t seen a bear while driving. I’m unaccomplished at a number of sports, but mostly I’m a runner.  While I’m definitely not fast compared a few years ago, or to people who are even moderately fast, I feel like I do pretty well, all things considered.  The running conditions of the last several Peachtree Road Races was crushing, which combined with hormones caused me to walk cardiac hill and completely devastated my time, but in 2015 I managed it in about 48:00. I’ve generally kind of gravitated toward the 13.1. I’m hoping to get back to sub 2:00 for that, but it might take a while since I haven’t been able to run nearly enough lately.

Before coming to GC I worked for nine years with Cox Broadcasting, first as the VP for Research for its wholly-owned marketing research subsidiary, and then later as the Director of Perceptual Research for Cox Radio. My Doctorate and Masters are from Georgia Tech. I also have a Psychology undergrad from UGA. I started my professional career as a newspaper photographer and was nominated by Knight-Ridder for a Pulitzer in Spot News Photography. No, I didn’t win, but it was awfully cool just to be nominated. MY music photography of U2, The Police, Madonna, and many other artists has been published in numerous outlets (including as concert posters and tour materials for Lou Reed). My early shots of R.E.M. and the 80s Athens music scene were featured in a recent book about the origins of R.E.M. called Begin the Begin. I’m a big fan of classic movies, am transgender, and take food very seriously. Please don’t feel obligated at all, but if you want some insight into the reasons for my gender transition here’s a facebook post describing why I felt that was important for me.

If you’re one of my students the best way to reach me is to email me at [email protected]. If you’re not one of my students then you can email as well, but I might not reply as quickly.